Got Vote?
ARRL Southeastern Division

The Issue: Members of the Southeastern Division of the ARRL were told there would be an election for a new director this fall only to have a week later the ARRL declared one individual elected without any explanation or input from the members of the division.

The Proposal: To utilize the “petition for recall of a director” per article 7 of the Articles of Association of the ARRL and Article 24 of the ARRL By-Laws. This will give the members of the Southeastern Division a vote in their representation which has been denied. Members can either vote "no" on the removal of the director “declared elected”, making that person the legitimate representative of the division. Or the members can vote “yes” and that person will be removed at which point the president of the ARRL will appoint someone else, the vice director.

Notice: There is again another version of the signing sheet. Look for a number "3" is the upper right hand corner to insure you are signing the latest version.

Petition was officially filed on January 7, 2017